Escort Rates:



Knoxville{$150.00}Strawberry Plaines{$150.00}Watt Road{$150.00}

Knoxville{Half Hour Outcall:$100.00}

Incall{1 Hour:$150.00}

Incall{Half Hour:$100.00}




Nude House Cleaning{Anderson:$200.00}{Blount:$200.00}{Grainger:$200.00}






Rules:In order to see any of the escorts you must:

1.Tell the operator your name and address otherwise you wont be serviced.

2.Pay the rate for the area you want to see the escort at its pointless to argue the rates{Pay or no play}

3.If the escort shows up and you change your mind,you are required to pay a cancelation fee.

4.Restricted calls wont be answered or if your on our blacklist we will simply hangup on you.

5.Treat the escort with respect,If you mistreat the escort by verbal,physical,mental it wont be tollerated!

6.You must be clean when the escort arrives if your and an unclean slob you wont be serviced.

7.The location you want to see the escort at must be a safe enviroment.